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Alt Investments
May 6, 2022

CAIS Scoops Major Partnership

The desire to invest in alternative asset class areas such as private equity, credit, hedge funds

Alt Investments
April 7, 2022

Investment House Injects $100 Million Into CAIS

CAIS is one of a handful of organizations seeking to widen access to alternative investment areas

Alt Investments
January 12, 2022

CAIS Unveils $225 Million Fresh Funding Round

The business is an example of how rising demand for alternative assets such as private equity and

People Moves
November 5, 2021

Who's Moving Where In Wealth Management? - CAIS, Raymond James

The latest senior moves in the North American wealth management industry.

New Products
August 19, 2019

CAIS Hosts HNW Insurance Offerings

Insurance-based products remain an important element in the wealth manager's toolbox.

People Moves
May 24, 2019

Who's Moving Where In Wealth Management? - CAIS, Raymond James, Others

The latest moves in the North American wealth management market.

Alt Investments
April 9, 2019

Private Equity Firms Hunt Harder For Returns - CAIS

This publication recently interviewed the firm about this increasingly popular asset class, asking

Alt Investments
May 17, 2017

Baird Chooses CAIS As Alternative Investments Platform

A platform through which financial advisors can access investments such as in private equity and

December 9, 2016

CAIS Says Platform Logs Big Rise In Volume

A platform used by a raft of wealth management firms has seen volumes surge since the third quarter

May 31, 2016

Orion Advisor Services Teams Up With CAIS

Orion is helping advisors provide alternative investments by establishing a relationship with CAIS

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Alt Investments
October 14, 2021

CAIS Taps Demand For Wider Alternative Investment Access

Everyone seems to be talking about private market investing - "alternative investment" - these

Investment Strategies
March 5, 2019

Smart Investing, Not Just Tax Should Drive Qualified Opportunity Zones - CAIS

This publication spoke recently to the alternative investments platform about these new Zones and

February 2, 2015

Q&A: CAIS On Its Mission To Open Up The IPO World For Wealth Managers

FWR asks CAIS about the rationale behind the launch of the firm’s latest technology aimed at

Alt Investments
April 30, 2012

Interview: CAIS On "Levelling The Playing Field" In The Alternatives Space

While recent studies have indicated a burgeoning demand for alternative investments from the client