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Most-Read FWR Articles In November

Editorial Staff, December 10, 2019


We look back at the articles that piqued most reader interest in November.

Here is a summary of the most-read articles we ran on Family Wealth Report in November. 

On Nov 11 we issued our shortlist for the firms and people in the frame to win our FWR awards next year. Unsurprisingly, it attracted a lot of hits from eager readers.

On Nov 11 an article about the benefits of being what was called a “throwback” wealth manager attracted plenty of traffic.

The guest item by F2 Strategy about what can be thought of as “a perfect family office technology solution” drew attention, and some pushback from readers too. That article ran on Nov 14.

This publication’s technology and operations report, an important regular study that shapes wealth managers’ thinking worldwide, was popular and a story about it on Nov 21 was a big hit.

Even our forward features schedule, updated for 2020, drew a lot of traffic from readers keen to engage with us next year on a variety of topics. 

Our regular WEALTH TALK video discussions are popular and a clip about how one defines and measures trust was a favorite. That was published on Nov 21.

An exclusive article from HSBC Private Banking about client onboarding – a major issue for the industry in recent times – ran on Nov 4 and was a hit with readers, judging by web traffic. A Nov 6 item on how the wealth industry is not happy about a tax ploy about “carried interest” in private equity was a favored item, and suggests that’s an issue to watch. Feedback is welcome!

Charles Schwab’s agreement to buy TD Ameritrade, cementing its status as a discount broker and player in the wealth field, understandably provoked plenty of story clicks and we will keep this covered as it plays out. The story ran on Nov 25. 

We spoke to FundCount, the data and information firm, about its recent successes in our Middle East and Africa region awards and it gave the business to talk more broadly about strategy. That item ran on Nov 25. 

A WEALTH TALK item, Nov 28, looked at money laundering and why there’s still so much of it going on, or coming to light, around the world. 

A Nov 7 JP Morgan Asset Management forecast about equity returns next year prompted plenty of reader interest, and finally, Northern Trust’s item about what family offices want and how they work was a favorite, running on Nov. 1. 

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